Week #16 Post 1

What an amazing semester! I’ve learned so much about social media through this class than I ever possibly could learning it myself. From creating a fictious business to writing blogs, using Facebook and Twitter to promote business, it was a very interactive and adventurous class for me. I’m very pleased to have promoted my business Aha-Tea through this class, using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and E-Mail Marketing.

Though there were many other social media platforms available, the ones that I enjoyed working and one’s integrated well to promote our business were Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and E-Mail Marketing. These were the most common one’s people can easily reach and is very convenient to promote through ads and schedule timings when the post must be posted, reach number of people when they signed up for email marketing.

For daily use, our strategy is to use more of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Less frequently it would be Blogs, YouTube videos and Pinterest.


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