Week #16 Post 2

For a business to be able to survive there are many variables to be taken into consideration. Using social media without a strategy will not be helpful, it is how its being used is the important factor to consider. Some things to take into consideration are: understanding marketing objectives, presence of target market, using appropriate tools and measuring the result. Wrapped around a business are its online marketing tools, focus should be an effort to drive people there.

The way we can achieve people to understand a product or service and drive them are to meet our objectives.

 Search Engine Optimization(SEM) by using Google ad words- This helps people to find us through certain key words. People are directed to business website by this very simple strategy, out of thousands of businesses finding one that better assist or fulfill needs of customers are achieved by this process. This is our beginning strategy to use online marketing.

Email Marketing-  Email news letter will provide specific calls to action leading people to buy from us, and most often this is one source that will drive people to our site. This is after they sign up upon visiting our site.

Content Tools- Will achieve aesthetic aspect of marketing such as posting images, videos and creating blogs to make our content very interesting and very engaging so there is a stickiness to our site and ultimately leading to purchases.

Out Reach Tools- These are the most essential, they are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These tools disseminate and raise awareness of social media content we create as well as engage viewers in various events. Both content and out reach tools will help promote our business. This we plan to implement together after SEM

Measurement Tools- Help in measuring results of our marketing efforts. This we will achieve through Facebook metrics, Twitter metrics, Google Analytics or Clicky Web Analytics. These metrics are important for our growth. To monitor what is going on with our brand, to evaluate ways of bringing or increasing brand awareness among customers. We will use this tool every week to monitor our social media.

It is important to gauge the size of an organization, budget resources and man power to determine how much time to spend on social media. Our business is a startup, we would spend most of our efforts on building awareness of our brand through social media rather than traditional advertising which is expensive.

For next six month our goal is monitor SEM- Google ad words every month, so that different words can be used for people to find us, use email marketing every three days in a week, Post images/Videos every day 3 pm, Interact or monitor Facebook/Twitter/Instagram on feed- back on daily every 6 hours.


  1. I think it is great to have a daily goal of 3PM, but which time zone? Interestingly in one of my social media accounts I managed before this class, the optimal time was EST so I started adjusting my posts to meet that new bit of information.


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